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All Repair Services include:

Free System Evaluation.

Clean Fans and Chassis out

Free Repair Pickup and Return

Free Data Backup during Repair Service

1 Hour Minimum Charge for Repair Service

Ask for Details

Computer Repair

Remote Services



$30 / 30 Mins

$59 / Hour Standard Repair

$70 to $100/Hour  Ask for Details

Tech Support

Technical Support

Software, How To, Setups

$2.99 a Minute

PC Hardware Upgrades

American Computer Company Purchased Computer Systems

Free Labor + Cost of the hardware/software

NON-American Computer Company Computer Systems

 $59 + Cost of the hardware/software

Operating System Restore

Service include:  Backup/Restore Customers Data, Restore Operating System back to manufacture start up.

    Load up to 5 customers Applications & Printer Drivers.

$129 / Flat Rate

Operating Systems Supported:  MS Windows 10/11 +, Windows Server 20xx, Ubuntu Linux, VMware

Data Backup

IN-Home & IN-Office

Data Less than 1 TB

Data More than 1TB

$59 / Hour + Backup Media

$69 / Hour + Backup Media

Ask for Details

Data Recovery

IN-Home & IN-Office

Forensic Recovery

$100 / Hour + Backup Media

Call For Pricing

Ask for Details

We Only Charge based on the resolution of the Problem.
100% Money Back Guarantee if we can't resolve your issue.

Ask for Details

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